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Tenancy References

Tenant Tip! All tenants should take note of this section.

When you are applying for a rental property, your current agent will be asked for a rental reference.

We are asked the following types of questions:

πŸ”‘ To provide a copy of your tenancy ledger - Then look at has your rent always been paid on time? Are you currently in arrears? Have you attempted to get ahead?

πŸ”‘ Have you received any Breach of Duties Notices and what for?

πŸ”‘ What are your routine inspections like?

πŸ”‘ Are there any unapproved pets or occupants?

πŸ”‘ Would you rent to the applicant again?

Think about these questions and how your property manager will answer them. Remember that we have to be honest! Are you always behind in your rent? Have you been rude to Tradespeople or your Property Manager? Do you have unapproved pets or occupants at the property?

This could be the reason you are approved or declined for future applications. Please remember that your property manager and tradespeople are human and no one deserves to be treated rudely - that also includes you are the tenant.

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